Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego

Many equate San Diego's Old Town with zesty Mexican cuisine and mouth-watering margaritas. It's true - Old Town's restaurants are among the best for Mexican cuisine in San Diego, or anywhere.

But if you explore beyond the restaurants in San Diego's Old Town, you'll find evidence of San Diego's history everywhere you look. Old Town was the commercial, political and social center of San Diego from the early 1820s until the 1870s. Old Town witnessed the many changes in early San Diego history, including the decline of the Presidio, the secularization of the San Diego missions, the creation of the ranchos, the coming of the Americans, and the building of the city of San Diego.

Most of Old Town's historical exhibits are located in Old Town State Historical Park. Here you can visit the Whaley House, which some claim is haunted, explore Heritage Park with its restored Victorian homes and buildings, and stop in at colorful Bazaar del Mundo for a bit of food, shopping, fun and maybe even that margarita you were thinking about.

As you'll soon discover, San Diego's Old Town is no ordinary part of town.

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