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Pizza Parlors in La Jolla have a Slice for Everyone

Pizza La Jolla

Mom's a fan of the New York style pizza with a thin, chewy crust piled high with fresh mozzarella. Dad won't settle for anything less than a Chicago style deep dish with every possible ingredient stuffed inside. You're a mixture of both; loving the California style pizza that combines a light and airy but tender crust with a handful of exotic toppings. However, your sister doesn't care what city it's from as long as it's healthy. Fortunately, pizza parlors in La Jolla offer plenty of options, no matter what style of pizza you desire or what crusts and toppings you fancy.

Settled in sunny Southern California, it is no surprise La Jolla is home to pizza parlors specializing in California style pizza. At La Jolla pizza parlors such as Pizza Pronto or Extreme Pizza, you can order a chef specialty or create your own personal pizza with fresh ingredients that are native to the area. Some parlors like Leucadia Pizza, even offer gluten-free options to satisfy health conscious diners.

Pizza in La Jolla wouldn't provide the full pizza experience if it didn't offer a variety of styles from different cities and states. Parlors such as Amici's or Regents Pizza focus on bringing you authentic East Coast style pizza, while you simultaneously enjoy the beautiful surroundings and magnificent views of La Jolla. With traditional toppings and ingredients, locals and visitors can appreciate the authenticity of a slice from the other coast.

If you can't decide on a La Jolla restaurant, you can never go wrong with a pizza parlor. La Jolla has all the options you may need to fix that pizza craving and fulfill everyone's specifications.

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