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A quality La Jolla and San Diego business attorney with more than 30 years experience with startups and small & medium sized business and individuals, Stephen Efroymson has a track record of saving businesses time and money through his handling of their business law matters. A problem solver, Mr. Efroymson enjoys working with companies to develop strategic plans that help them avoid the many potholes that await the unsuspecting. Able to serve in a variety of roles, Mr. Efroymson has unique experience providing General Counsel type services to businesses that do not need or cannot afford full time on-staff attorneys. Given his experience serving this niche, Mr. Efroymson should be a candidate for new business startups in need of advice and guidance in setting up their organizations and creating a plan for long-term success. Many decisions need to be made at the outset of a business and Mr. Efroymson will shine a light on the unknown to make sure you are aware of possible consequences from your choices. His experience will help you evaluate the options and make informed, intelligent decisions. A graduate of the University Of Michigan School Of Law and a La Jolla and San Diego resident for more than 20 years, Mr. Efroymson's unique legal experience can benefit small and medium sized companies and startups in need of attorney services.