Drew Nelson, Willis Allen Realtor | La Jolla San Diego Real Estate

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Willis Allen Real Estate is a locally based, independent real estate company that has been doing business in San Diego since 1914. It is owned by Andrew E. Nelson, who is the President and CEO. His oldest son Drew Nelson has been selling residential real estate out of their La Jolla office since 2004. Drew's competitive advantages include that he grew up in the business and in La Jolla, knows this area and market extremely well, and he also has a business education in real estate, as well as professional experience in real estate development, investment and international marketing. He has extremely strong work ethics, great communication skills, and a keen understanding of the fundamentals that drive real estate values. He embraces the latest technologies to help his clients achieve their goals in real estate, and he operates with the highest level of integrity. You may reach him at 858.215.DREW (3739) or dnelson@willisallen.com and visit him online at https://www.facebook.com/DrewNelsonLaJollaRealtor.