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Urban Farming in La Jolla Expert Tips »

As cities and suburbia have expanded, farm life has been pushed farther and farther to the outskirts of modern life. This has meant an increase in the pesticides and preservatives needed to keep food fresh during transportation to urban grocery stores. Even products marked as being organic are leavi...

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Lobster Diving in La Jolla »

Not too many things exist in the culinary world that are more desirable than a fresh, perfectly cooked lobster. If you live in or near La Jolla, you have a chance to have your lobster extremely fresh by catching it yourself. Every fall, lobster fishing season starts in San Diego. This gives ordin...

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Scuba Diving In La Jolla »

Scuba diving often comes to mind when one thinks of tropical places such as Hawaii, Fiji, or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. However, many in Southern California don't realize the prime scuba diving found in their own backyard. La Jolla boasts two excellent dive spots for scuba divers, whether ...

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