La Jolla Kayaking

La Jolla Kayaking

Kayaking is a popular activity in San Diego, and it's no wonder, with so many beaches and bays offering ideal conditions for gliding along in the water. If you're visiting San Diego and want to try kayaking for the first time, you'll find plenty of kayaking rentals and lessons available throughout San Diego. If you're visiting La Jolla, you can launch a kayak from La Jolla Shores Beach, explore the seven La Jolla caves, paddle next to sea lions at La Jolla Cove, and swim above leopard sharks off the coast.

Today's modern kayaks are made of molded polyethylene resin and are much smaller and stronger than the kayaks first built by the Eskimos 4,000 years ago. Those early kayaks were built of animal skins, whalebones, and wood and were used for hunting in the northern oceans, rivers, and lakes. Eventually kayaks were manufactured out of fiberglass, then rubberized fabric, then plastic, allowing them to be more resilient and easier to maneuver. Kayaks have one to two seats with a double-bladed paddle, not to be confused with a canoe, which has a single-bladed paddle.

La Jolla Kayak offers kayak rentals in La Jolla starting at $23, as well as guided La Jolla kayaking tours that start at $39. La Jolla Kayak offers super stable, sit-on-top ocean kayaks, which are fun for all ages and perfect for kayaking in La Jolla waters. La Jolla Kayak tours range from basic kayaking through La Jolla's beautiful waters to snorkeling off of a kayak to swimming with the beautiful fish just a few feet below you. For more information about kayaking La Jolla, call La Jolla Kayak at (858) 459-1114 or visit their web site at

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