Coronado Ferry

Coronado Ferry

The Coronado Ferry schedule is clear and easy to follow. Every day, beginning at 9 a.m., the Coronado Ferry leaves the San Diego Broadway Pier on the hour and cruises across San Diego Bay to let passengers off in the beautiful city of Coronado at the Old Coronado Ferry Landing, a specialty shopping center. The last ferry to Coronado leaves at 9 p.m. Sunday through Monday and at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Return trips from Coronado leave on the half hour. Coronado Ferry tickets cost $4.25 one way or $8.50 round trip. You can bring your bicycle along at no change, if you want to explore Coronado beaches and other attractions that way. For more information about the Coronado Ferry, Coronado Ferry Landing and ticket information, call (619) 234-4111.

The Coronado Ferry is both the oldest way to reach Coronado across the San Diego Bay and one of the newest. In 1886, when Elisha Babcock and H.L. Story were developing the city of Coronado, they needed a way to bring potential investors to Coronado island and move workers and building materials across San Diego Bay. They ordered a ferry from a San Francisco company, and while they waited for its arrival, they made do with Mr. Story's own steam yacht.

After the Coronado Ferry finally arrived, it remained in service for 83 years, ushering Coronado residents and visitors to and from Coronado island until the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge was completed in 1969. For much of Coronado's history, the ferry to Coronado was the only way to reach and enjoy Coronado, Coronado beach and the famous Hotel Del Coronado.

When the ferry to Coronado reopened in 1987, some 140,000 nostalgic ferry goers rode it during the first two months of operation. Ever since, both San Diego residents and visitors climb aboard the Coronado Ferry to take advantage of this scenic means of transportation to and from Coronado.

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