Bike Paths and Trails

Bike Paths and Trails

What was once child's play, bicycling is now a serious sport, as well as an alternative method of transportation. With an ever-expanding network of bikeways and biking trails stretching across the country, bicycling has inspired more people to dust off and tune up those old 10-speeds, don lycra shorts and helmets, and pedal their hearts out. San Diego's mild climate, beautiful landscape and 70 miles of coastline make San Diego the ideal place to bike for leisure and exercise. With approximately 80,000 new residents pouring into San Diego each year, more and more people are taking up the inexpensive, healthy and environment-friendly activity of bicycling.

San Diego boasts more than 64 miles of dedicated bike paths, 334 bike lanes and 133 miles of bike routes. Bike paths are 8-foot-wide exclusive stretches of asphalt where no cross traffic exists. They either run parallel to streets with heavy automobile traffic or serve as connectors in difficult areas such as freeways and highways. Bike lanes are designated on the right side of less busy streets with painted white lines eight feet from the curb, and bike lanes are identified by a white sign with a black bicycle. Bike routes are designated "shared" streets open to both auto and bike traffic and are identified by a green sign with a white bicycle.

With the increase in facilities, programs and clubs aimed at making bicycling safer and easier, there is no better time to jump on a bike and enjoy the ride. Our guide to cycling in San Diego includes a few routes to satisfy both novice and the veteran cyclists.

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This 13-85 mile bike route is a challenging ocean view ride that begins at Mission Bay Park, extends through La Jolla, and continues past the many sprawling coastal communities of North County. You can travel along the ocean as short or as far as you like. For the diehard cyclists this tour can take you all the way to Oceanside and Camp Pendleton. On the way you will pass the UCSD campus, Torrey Pines State Reserve, and many of San Diego's beautiful beaches.

Directions: Start at the parking lot at the Visitor Information Center on Clairemont Drive at 1-5 in Mission Bay Park. Ride north to North Mission Bay Drive. Go left past the Mission Bay Golf Course to the bike path which takes you underneath Grand and Garnet Avenues.

Cross East Mission Bay Drive to Damon Street. Head northeast to Santa Fe Road. Turn left onto Santa Fe Road, and follow the Rose Canyon Bike Path as it winds north to Gilman Drive.

Take a left on La Jolla Village Drive, and ride past the UCSD campus to North Torrey Pines Road. From here pedal to your heart's desire. North Torrey Pines Road will take you by the Torrey Pines Golf Course, world-renowned Scripps Clinic and Research Institute, and the 369 acre Torrey Pines State Reserve.

North Torrey Pines Road eventually becomes Camino Del Mar which leads you through seaside Del Mar. Camino Del Mar then becomes Old Highway 101 and wanders up the coast through Solana Beach, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Encinitas, Leucadia, Carlsbad and Oceanside.

On your way back, head south to North Torrey Pines Road. Turn right onto La Jolla Shores Drive. This ride has some of the finest ocean views in the entire county. Follow this road past Scripps Institution of Oceanography and La Jolla Shores Beach.

Turn right at Torrey Pines Road and right on Prospect. To bike along ocean-front streets, veer right onto cobbled Cave Street and head toward the La Jolla Cove.

Take a right on Coast Boulevard and follow the shoreline. After about a mile, go right on Olivetas Avenue.

Turn right on Marine Street and left on Monte Vista Avenue. On Fern Glen Avenue turn right and then left at Neptune Place past the famous Windansea Beach.

A left at Palomar Avenue and a quick right at Camino de la Costa will take you through the beautiful neighborhoods of Birdrock. Ride approximately one mile and veer onto Chelsea Street until you reach La Jolla Boulevard, and then turn right.

Follow La Jolla Boulevard straight onto Loring Street through Pacific Beach, and then turn right at Fanuel Street.

One mile later turn left at La Palma Street and right on Gresham Street. At Graham Street, turn left and then turn right when you reach Riviera Drive. Ride towards the Bay. Less than a mile, cross Ingraham Street at the traffic light where Riviera Drive becomes Crown Point Drive. Go right at Pacific Beach Drive and then left at Olney Street.

Turn right on Grand Avenue and get on the sidewalk just after the high school. Turn right onto the bike path. Follow the path past De Anza Cove to the Visitor Information Center.

For all your biking needs, call California Bicycle in La Jolla at (858) 454-0316 or visit them at 7462 La Jolla Boulevard in La Jolla California.

You can also call La Jolla Kayak for bike rentals in San Diego or San Diego bike tours at (858) 459-1114 for more information.


This challenging 30-mile course of ascents and descents begins in tranquil Rancho Santa Fe, with its rural and rugged atmosphere. Home to some of the wealthiest residents in San Diego, a ride through the Ranch provides views of beautiful estates and towering eucalyptus groves. This ride also takes you on a tour of Lake Hodges, the outskirts of Escondido, and the farmland area of Harmony Grove.

Directions: Take 1-5, exit east Via de la Valle. Turn left at the T-intersection of Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway. Park on the edge of Rancho Santa Fe.

Bike east on Paseo Delicias, the main road through town, and follow it out to Del Dios Highway.

Turn right on Rancho Road. After almost three miles, bike toward Lake Hodges and turn left on Lake Drive. Follow Lake Drive, which runs parallel to Del Dios Highway, and turn left on Valley Parkway (formerly Del Dios).

Just before you reach the heart of Escondido, turn left on 9th Avenue and right on Harmony Grove. Go left on Harmony Grove which becomes Elfin Forest Road. The Elfin Forest Campground will be on your left.

To complete the loop wind northwest through the farmland area. Ascend the hill and turn left on Questhaven Road. Continue to ascend and go left on Rancho Santa Fe Road. Descend and after about three miles, veer left to continue on Rancho Santa Fe Road.

Go uphill and turn left onto Encinitas Boulevard which becomes La Bajada and then La Granada. Follow La Granada back to your start at the junction Paseo Delicias.


Only 5.3 square miles, the City of Coronado is a community of regal homes, first-class resort hotels, white strands and beaches, luxury marinas, and a relaxed environment.

This bicycle route, close to 20 riding miles, is a flat, easy and scenic tour of the sights and sounds of the community of Coronado. You'll see the historic Hotel del Coronado, the exclusive Coronado Cays luxury housing development, the U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Glorietta Bay and the San Diego Bay.

Directions: Start from Downtown San Diego at the Broadway Pier located off North Harbor Drive on the Embarcadero. Bicycle parking lockers are available and the bus equipped with bike racks stops here. Take either the Coronado Ferry to the Landing in Coronado, or ride the bike bus which heads down Broadway to 1-5 south at 18th Street and over the Coronado Bay Bridge to Coronado. The Coronado Ferry docks near 1st Street and Orange Avenue. The bus drops you off between Third and Fourth Streets on Orange.

Begin following the bike route at Orange between Third and Fourth Streets. Head south on Orange past the Hotel del Coronado on the right, until it becomes Silver Strand Boulevard (State Route 75). Follow Silver Strand Boulevard along the Pacific Ocean side. Ride for about five miles, and make a U-turn at the stoplight following the Imperial Beach City Limits sign.

Head north on Silver Strand Boulevard along the San Diego Bay side. Pass the Silver Strand State Beach and enter the Coronado Cays Park and housing area by turning right at Coronado Cays Boulevard. Bike around the bay front streets and loop back to Silver Strand Boulevard.

Continue north past the San Diego Naval Amphibious Base and the San Diego Naval Sailing Club on your right and the Hotel del Coronado and Dana Place on your left.

Turn left on Ocean Boulevard and then right on Alameda Boulevard. Go right on Fourth Street and head back to either the ferry or bus points.


Mission Bay, which covers 4,600 acres of land and water, is considered the largest aquatic park in the United States. It is a playground for land and water lovers alike. Every day, especially in the summer, Mission Bay is alive with joggers, bicyclists and speed walkers, as well as windsurfers, boaters and swimmers. This popular aquatic park provides picnic areas, 27 miles of sandy beaches, boat facilities, golf course, a private campground and world class resort hotels and marinas. It is home to Sea World and is close to Ocean Beach, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach.

The following 12-15 mile bike route is scenic, fairly flat and an easy tour of the Bay, Fiesta Island, and the area surrounding Sea World and Pacific Beach.

Directions: Begin at the Visitor Information Center located at 1-5 and Clairemont Drive. Ride south and follow the bike route between the shoreline and East Mission Bay Drive past the Hilton Hotel. Turn right onto Fiesta Island Road to enjoy a scenic 4-5 mile loop around Fiesta Island.

At the intersection of Fiesta Island Road and Sea World Drive, turn right. Follow Sea World Drive until you can cross the meridian on your left and join the bike path on the rim of the San Diego River Floodway. The path runs under two bridges and then connects with Quivira Way.

Take westbound West Mission Bay Drive over the Mission Bay Channel. Go left at Mariners Way and follow the path around the perimeter of Mariners Basin to Mission Point.

Ride to the South Mission Beach parking lot. Ride along the boardwalk along Ocean Front Walk past Belmont Park and the many ocean front restaurants and homes to Hornblend. Turn right and head east.

Follow Hornblend east through residential Pacific Beach until you reach Balboa Avenue. Ride along Balboa Avenue which eventually blends with Garnet Avenue.

Turn right on East Mission Bay Drive. Ride south past De Anza Cove back to the Visitor Information Center.

For all your biking needs, call California Bicycle in La Jolla at (858) 454-0316 or visit them at 7462 La Jolla Boulevard in La Jolla California.

You can also call La Jolla Kayak for bike rentals in San Diego or San Diego bike tours at (858) 459-1114 for more information.


When Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo first entered San Diego Bay in 1540, he didn't realize he had discovered the largest landlocked harbor in the world. A ride around San Diego Bay takes you around picturesque Shelter Island, a popular picnic spot and a great place to watch incoming and outgoing Navy ships. As you ride toward San Diego's financial district, the route meanders through Harbor Island and past Spanish Landing and Lindbergh Field. Once downtown you'll see the Embarcadero, home to the Star of India, the oldest merchant sailing ship afloat, and Seaport Village, a quaint shopping and dining area.

The following 16-20 mile bike route is relatively flat and easy, with the exception of a couple of inclines along North Harbor Drive.

Directions: Take 1-5 or 1-8 to the Rosecrans exit. Follow Rosecrans to Shelter Island Drive and Shelter Island. Park anywhere. Start your bike ride at Shelter Island. Circle the area which includes the San Diego Yacht Club, restaurants, motels, and the fishing pier. At the end of the circle, take Shelter Island Drive to Scott Street. Go right to North Harbor Island Drive.

Turn right at North Harbor Island Drive and follow the bike route towards downtown. The San Diego Bay will be on your right and you will pass the San Diego Naval Training Center and submarine bases.

Pass Spanish Landing on the right. Lindbergh Field will be on your left. Turn right at Harbor Island Drive and circle Harbor Island.

Return to North Harbor Island Drive. Follow the route toward downtown. After you pass the Coast Guard Station on your right, you will begin a tour of the Embarcadero, home to the Navy Pier, the B Street Pier, the Tuna Fleet and the Broadway Pier.

Continue passed the Maritime Museum and Star of India toward Seaport Village, the Convention Center and the San Diego Rowing Club.

From any of these points you may turn around and backtrack to your starting point at Shelter Island.

For all your biking needs, call California Bicycle in La Jolla at (858) 454-0316 or visit them at 7462 La Jolla Boulevard in La Jolla California.

You can also call La Jolla Kayak for bike rentals in San Diego or San Diego bike tours at (858) 459-1114 for more information.

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