Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is just about the hottest and most popular sport around town and growing fast. This isn't surprising, since San Diego has been the host city for Olympic volleyball teams, with its great weather and gorgeous beaches.

Beach volleyball is just like the indoor game, only messier and a lot more fun for all ages. Nothing beats playing or watching a match in the sand on a warm, sunny San Diego day. You don't have to go far in San Diego to find an informal game of volleyball being played somewhere. Public nets are open to anyone, but if you're challenged for the court, you must win to keep it.

If getting corn-dogged (covered in sand) isn't your thing, join the throng of volleyball spectators and soak up some rays. For some of the best matches in town, head to Mission Beach, La Jolla Shores, Del Mar, Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, and Harbor Beach in Oceanside. Most community recreation centers throughout San Diego sponsor leagues and open play for volleyball lovers of all ages.

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