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Frequently Asked Questions:
La Jolla Blue Book

How can I update my La Jolla Blue Book residential listing?

La Jolla residents can update their residential listing in 3 ways.

  1. By Mail:
    Every La Jolla Blue Book contains a Residential Survey Card located in the center of the directory between the white and yellow sections. Please remember that postage is required. You can complete and mail the card to:
    The Blue Book
    Blue Book Publishers, Inc.
    7911 Herschel Avenue, Suite 205
    La Jolla, CA 92037
  2. By Phone:
    Residents are welcome to call us at 858-454-7939 to update their listing. Please follow the prompts which will direct you to the proper extension.
  3. Online:
    La Jolla residents can now update their listing online on the Update page!
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Who gets the La Jolla Blue Book?

The La Jolla Blue Book is distributed to every address in the 92037 and 92038 zip codes. Approximately 3,000 books are also delivered to detached homes in La Jolla Colony. Finally, books can also be found in roughly 90% of La Jolla's hotel rooms.

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How can I get a copy of the La Jolla Blue Book?

The La Jolla Blue Book is direct mailed annually via the US Postal Service to every address within the 92037 and 92038 zip codes as well as detached homes in La Jolla Colony. Residents can expect to receive a new La Jolla Blue Book every May. If you are a La Jolla resident and you did not receive a La Jolla Blue Book, we want to know about it! Please call Blue Book Publishers, Inc. at 858-454-7939 and let us know!

Upon request, we can mail you a copy of the most recent edition, but we do ask that you pay for postage for this service.

The easiest way for La Jolla residents to obtain a replacement copy is at one of several distribution points located conveniently throughout La Jolla. The distribution points are as follows:

  • Burns Drugs: 7824 Girard Av. (858)459-4285
  • California Bank & Trust: 1127 Wall St. (858)551-2880
  • La Jolla Town Council: 7734 Herschel Av. Ste. F (858)454-1444
  • La Jolla Village Lodge: 1141 Silverado St. (858)551-2001
  • LJ/Rifford Library Center & Jacobs Annex: 7555 Draper Av. (858)552-1657
  • Pacific Western Bank: 7855 Ivanhoe Av. (858)454-9535
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How do I contact the La Jolla Blue Book?

Blue Book Publishers, Inc. can be contacted at:
PO Box 561
La Jolla, CA 92038

Phone: (858) 454-7939
Fax: (858) 729-5308
E-mail: info@bluebookpublishers.com

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Where does our residential listing information come from?

We receive our residential listing information from a few sources as follows:

  • Survey Cards- Every La Jolla Blue Book contains a survey card for residents to fill out and personalize their listings that they can update each year
  • Phone Calls- La Jolla residents can call (858)454-7939 and make changes to their listings over the phone
  • Email- La Jolla residents may also email us at info@bluebookpublishers.com to update their listings
  • Utility Provider- We obtain publicly available information from a utility provider for current residential information
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