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Karin S. Wise - Financial Advisor
Affiliate Member Professional Fiduciaries Association (PFAC)

Providing bespoke financial management services and
solutions to life’s daily financial challenges.

• Bespoke financial management services for family Trustee's include:
• locating and preserving assets to avoid financial abuse. Our tailor-made planning provides guidance when financial decisions become challenging due to declining health, or diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer's.
• Oversight and management for time constrained executives when they are named as Successor Trustee of their parent's Living Trust. We assist in reducing the stress for busy executives who are juggling both their own work schedule, as well as the daily life of an ailing family member.
• Hourly and monthly Administrative Assistant and Management Services for retiree's who prefer to allocate their time to leisure and travel activities, from bill paying and budgeting, to correspondence and negotiation, through to planning and assisting with downsizing a home due to declining health.

Bill paying, bank reconciliation and personal budgeting for individuals.

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