Windansea Beach

(619) 221-8899
Neptune Place & Nautilus Street,
La Jolla, CA 92037

About Windansea Beach

Windansea located in La Jolla is one of the top surfing beaches in San Diego. It is also known for its iconic Surf Shack that was made famous by the Beach Boys who sang about it in the 60's and by American journalist Tom Wolfe, who described its surfers in his 1968 collection of essays, "The Pump House Gang." The palm-covered Surf Shack, originally built in 1946 to host luau beach parties, lives on. The deep blue sea in this area houses strong currents that should be handled by expert surfers and body surfers. Windansea is also not your typical sandy beach, but more rocky. There are flat surfaces of rock that stretch across the beach and are perfect for walking, sitting, sunbathing, photographing, and painting. The beach’s unique look makes for a beautiful sight and is slightly less populated than other La Jolla beaches.

Lifeguard is on duty during the summer and most weekend

Street parking and public transportation are available

Restrictions: No dogs, no glassware, no alcohol

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