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Our History

Established in 2006, Stel Builders is a San Diego-based Design Build Integration company that focuses its expertise in a small niche market of the construction industry. We offer our specialized services to residential customers only, fulfilling their needs of remodeling projects for the home. Our process and service is unique to the industry because we seamlessly combine the full spectrum of a project: concept, design, cost appropriation and the complete build process are all done under the Stel Builders roof. We believe this strategy allows us to effectively complete residential remodeling projects with a high level of care and an even greater degree of quality. From start to finish, we are the singular point of contact – and responsibility – for your remodeling project. Stel Builders is a client-focused company, and that is evident from concept to completion; every home project we begin is our opportunity to build a strong relationship with our clients. We take pride in listening to the distinct needs of our clients while also taking the lead in adding creative design ideas that add to the vision they have for their projects. However, if we feel your project may not fuse well with your current home or may stand out as an outlier in the neighborhood, we will not hesitate to let you know.
Our philosophy as a company is this – we gain clients and build great projects through intuitive, original and workable design. Without the design element, we are simply another home construction company. We use only quality material and expert tradesmen, and in doing so are able to stay below budget constraints while completing work in a time frame that fits the clients' needs. By doing this consistently, Stel Builders is able to formulate exceptional remodel designs that are a true reflection of the client, and ultimately, we are able to complete high quality integrated projects time and time again.


Our San Diego-based company focuses on creating custom design and remodeling experiences for our clients. We cater directly to the specific and unique needs and desires to each client individually, keeping their preferences at the forefront of our process. Our projects range across a broad spectrum, and we have successfully completed a variety of projects that include simple room additions, interior reconfigurations and remodels, whole-home remodels as well as second story additions. Stel Builders is intimately aware of the unique needs of the aging population as well; we have found a growing need for creating additional downstairs space for homeowners and/or their parents, whether that is attached or detached from the home. We have the specialized knowledge of how to design and implement this type of project that benefits the entire family, and we understand and can speak to the implications of completing this type of project as it relates to property taxes, resale value and other important future monetary considerations.
A number of our clients are simply in need of an update to a poorly laid out, dark or cramped home, and we work with them to expand and reinvent space with high quality materials. If you love the location of your home but want or need additional space or an overall renovation, the experts are Stel Builders are ready to help.

Meet the Owner
Seth Larson

"Seeing an idea transform from a simple design on the computer to reality in someone’s home is an amazing feeling, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had." Seth was born into the residential remodeling industry as his father, Gary Larson, began his adventure in the business in 1965 and had worked as a licensed contractor in California since 1980. Seth’s father took pride in teaching all three of his sons the intricacies of the industry by working hands-on with them in the field. Following closely in his father’s footsteps, Seth got started as an apprentice at the ripe young age of 12. By 18, he was running his own four-man crew and had taken his training to a new level. Throughout college, Seth studied architecture, drafting, design and even real estate appraisal which only fed his passion more. It is no doubt that residential remodeling is in his blood, and his passion for great design coupled with in-depth knowledge of zoning, coastal commission, property taxes (and exemptions), building records, as well as investment and financing makes him a unique and valuable player in the industry.
Seth, along with wife, Marianna, and two children, Caige and Paisley, resides in Rancho San Diego. He is an avid SCUBA diver, private pilot and real estate investor.

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