Scott F Levin, Esq

(858) 255-1321
9820 Willow Creek Rd Ste 410
San Diego, CA 92131

About Scott F Levin, Esq

Scott Levin is an Attorney/Mediator and the principal of San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law. Scott exclusively provides mediation services for family law matters and does not ever represent a single divorcing spouse against the other in a traditional litigation setting. During his career as a litigation attorney, in-house corporate counsel, business owner and alternative resolution professional, Scott gained a passion for helping individuals and groups define and realize their preferred outcomes and in doing so focused his efforts on negotiating agreements that benefit all parties. Scott knows that mediation offers families – especially children – a more positive outcome than litigation. After years of experiencing the destructive “win-lose” litigation structure facing divorcing couples, Scott made the choice to put clients first and has developed a successful practice that fosters innovative solutions and mutually agreeable resolutions through collaboration, communication and cooperation.

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