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It's been 40 years since designer Ralph Lauren created his knit shirt with the polo player icon. It was the start of his line of classic, elegant clothing that continues to dress stylish men to this day. At Polo Ralph Lauren in La Jolla, the man with a certain "savoir faire" or flair for the fashionable will be just as comfortable as the man who prefers a basic wardrobe with enduring style and quality. In addition to the Polo line of sportswear, including suits, jackets, t-shirts, chinos, jeans, and polo shirts, Polo Ralph Lauren also features its luxurious Purple Label line of suits, shirts (handmade for the best fit), sweaters, pants, ties and accessories. At Polo Ralph Lauren, you can create your own color combinations for the classic polo shirt, with either the polo player or a monogram. And for the women, if simple, beautiful, classic clothes are what you love, you'll love Polo Ralph Lauren. Whether you need a perfectly tailored suit, a safari-style shirt, an elegant but stylish dress, or a polo shirt for golf, you'll find them and more at Polo Ralph Lauren. The store carries several Ralph Lauren lines for women, including Collection (glamorous fashion), Black Label (playfully stylish), Pink Pony (the polo player icon in pink), Blue Label (classic but youthful style), and RLX (sportswear). In addition, you'll find a wide variety of shoes, belts, bags, and other accessories at Polo Ralph Lauren. The store also offers several special services, including wardrobe consultation for building a new wardrobe or preparing for a special event, tailoring and alterations, same-day delivery, private shopping hours, and snacks and drinks for your children or pets while you are shopping. The store is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday Noon to 5 p.m.

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