La Jolla Security Systems Inc

(858) 454-2345
1122 Wall St
La Jolla, CA 92037

About La Jolla Security Systems Inc

La Jolla Security Systems, located in downtown La Jolla, is truly committed to serving our clients. Starting out over 42 years ago, sister company La Jolla Lock and Safe has continued as the the premier lock and safe company in the county with a proven track record. Both residents and contractors throughout the years would inquire when we might add alarm systems to our services. After attaining the proper licensing, current owner Rick Churchman created La Jolla Security Systems. Rick has been with La Jolla Lock and Safe for over 25 years and owner the past 19 years. Answering to our clients needs and offering the total security package, is our commitment to the community and our belief why they keep coming back. State Lic. # 927872 - ACO # 6604

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La Jolla Lock & Safe | La Jolla San Diego Locksmiths

Located in the downtown La Jolla Village since 1971, La Jolla Lock & Safe is your local security center offering locksmith and security services to La Jolla and the surrounding areas. La Jolla Lock & Safe installs burglar alarm systems, surveillance cameras, safes and key pads to keep your family and valuables safe and secure. Learn more about La Jolla Lock & Safe Locksmiths at

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