H-Car Garage Honda & Acura

(858) 270-0808
4927 Cass St
San Diego, CA 92109

About H-Car Garage Honda & Acura

H-Car Garage Honda & Acura is located on Cass Street in North Pacific Beach. Customers who love their Hondas and Acuras and want to keep them running as long as possible are loyal to this shop, which offers reliable, honest and highly skilled service. In addition, H-Car Garage (short for Hondacar Garage) is more conveniently located for La Jolla and Pacific Beach residents than the Honda dealerships in San Diego. The shop is run by brothers Chris and Gary Westwood and has been in business since 1986. They offer a full range of services for Honda and Acuras, including preventative maintenance and basic repairs. Customers who return for years to H-Car Garage know they can rely on the shop's meticulous work and personal interaction. The helpful owners will work with you to keep your records up-to-date, schedule your next appointment, explain any and all service, and give you peace of mind knowing your car will stay in top shape for a long time.

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