Creamer Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

(858) 551-8882
7946 Ivanhoe Av Ste 110
La Jolla, CA 92037

About Creamer Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

The mission of Creamer Physical Therapy is to help each client maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, free from pain and limitations. Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, working to improve your overall wellbeing, or training for a sport, Creamer Physical Therapy starts your care with a thorough evaluation and a personalized program based on your individual needs. If you need rehabilitation care, the physical therapists at Creamer Physical Therapy will work with your physician to create a full recovery program. If you need an exercise program, you'll find a variety of choices at Creamer Physical Therapy, including Pilates, tai chi, one-on-one training, home exercise instruction, and use of their PneuThera pneumatic unweighting systems. The PneuThera equipment includes the Pneu-Weight for speed training and gait correction; the Pneu-Back for strengthening without weight-bearing stress; and the Pneu-Vibe for increased muscle activity and performance. Creamer Physical Therapy is located on Ivanhoe Avenue in the El Patio Building.

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