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Experience, knowledge, and dedication is a powerful combination in any business. When Corky started his company back in 1967 he was one of the only pest control companies in town. For the last 46 years he has had the pleasure of servicing Southern California and making it his passion to not only study the uniqueness of our climate and terrain but he has also become a well known author of the industry. Corky’s passion for pest control ignites that same passion in his associates and technicians. With a full-time Plant Pathologist on staff you know that they are serious about lasting solutions to your pest control problems. We also employ professional technicians with BA of Science degrees, Doctorates and others whom are educated in the pest control industry. Corky’s staff, including the operators, go through rigorous ongoing training so that they can help you with your problems quickly and inexpensively. Corky’s staff are always ready to service you and help solve your problem. They are not only there to provide you with an initial solution but can also prepare a customized unique program to fit your needs. Call us today for a free quote.

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