Childrens Pool

(619) 221-8899
850 Coast Boulevard
La Jolla, CA 92037

About Childrens Pool

The Children’s Pool of La Jolla was first created as an ideal swimming beach for children without having to worry about harsh swells or wave breaks. A concrete wall was created to keep the surf out and the waves gentle. Over the years, the sea lions and harbor seals have made a relaxing resting place out of the area. Visitors can now walk along the concrete breakwater wall and watch the sea lions and harbor seals lounge about in the small little beach area. Viewers can also take in the waves crashing onto the wall and feel the mist and slight sprinkle as the wave pushes back against the concrete.

Amenities Include:

Public restrooms & showers above the beach

Street parking & public transportation available

Restrictions: No Dogs, glass or alcohol allowed. Lifeguards on duty

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