Alcorn & Benton Architects

(858) 459-0805
7757 Girard Av
La Jolla, CA 92037

About Alcorn & Benton Architects

Located right on Girard Ave in the heart of downtown La Jolla is Alcorn & Benton Architects. The company is led by James Alcorn and Paul Benton, both whom have worked on numerous projects together including multi-function arenas, airports, industrial spaces, offices, classrooms, medical clinic renovations, and custom residences. They offer high quality services to their clients merging the form and function of each client’s needs to create the perfect coastal architecture. Many Alcorn & Benton projects can be found through the coastal communities of San Diego as well as the rest of California ranging from restaurants, day cares, residences, sculptures, government centers, cultural centers and more.

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