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Why Practice Yoga?

Whether you've thought about doing yoga or perhaps you're already practicing and want to learn the benefits, there are many reasons why individuals practice yoga on a regular basis. In addition to providing a sense of calmness, relaxation and purpose, yoga offers a variety of health benefits and can help prevent:

  • Forms of Diabetes Yoga, like other forms of exercise, helps stabilize blood glucose levels which helps minimize the risk for diabetes.

  • Arthritis Yoga requires one to use all of their muscle groups, thus strengthening bones and improving coordination and balance. This low-impact form of exercise helps prevent and relieve arthritis, helping expand ones range of motion and joint flexibility.

  • Backaches Many yoga exercises focus on the core of your backbone which can help you recognize and alleviate areas of tension. In addition, you gain flexibility in your hamstrings and hip flexors which can free up the pressure placed on your lower back.

  • Heart Disease Practicing yoga on a regular basis aids in minimizing blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat. By reducing all of these things, you can actively combat heart disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Osteoporosis Yoga's low impact nature helps individuals preserve bone density, especially in older women and men.

Improve your mental health and sign up for a yoga class at a nearby La Jolla yoga studio. With introductory and beginners classes, you can start your yoga journey promoting confidence, grace and calm. For more information, contact one of the popular studios listed in our online directory.

Yoga exercise also can be extremely beneficial for our aging population. To learn more about these benefits, contact a trusted La Jolla Home Care professional who can more thoroughly explain these benefits.

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