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The Benefits Of Adopting Pets Rather Than Buying From A Breeder

Many animal lovers prefer purebreds, especially dogs and cats. They find certain canine or feline breeds more appealing and suitable for their families. This can be an advantage for those pet lovers who have specific requirements and who have a successful history with a certain breed. And, as long as the breeder is reputable and the animals are well-treated, there is nothing wrong with buying a purebred animal. There are, however, many advantages to adopting an animal from a local animal shelter or rescue organization near La Jolla San Diego.

You can help save lives. Approximately six to eight million animals enter shelters in this county every year and approximately three to four million are euthanized, according to the Humane Society of the United States. These numbers are estimates, because there is no central data reporting. These numbers are also considerably lower than 40 years ago, when approximately 12-20 million pets were euthanized each year. More shelters are adopting the "no-kill" philosophy and attempting to find homes for every animal they take in. They also offer spay and neuter services to keep down the animal population.

Your fee will help save other animals. When you pay a small fee for adopting an animal at your local shelter, your money helps support the shelter and its animals in so many ways; paying for facilities, staff, medical supplies, food, and many services from community outreach to education and training classes for pet owners. You will save money. Usually the fees you pay at an animal shelter are less than what you would pay a breeder. They often include spaying and neutering, microchipping, deworming, defleaing and vaccinations.

Your adopted pet may be purebred. About 25 percent of animals in shelters are purebreds, so if a purebred dog or cat is what you want, you may just find it. You can also adopt a purebred animal from many rescue organizations, some of which only rescue certain types of dogs, such as greyhounds.

Mixed breeds are often healthier and happier. Purebreds can sometimes be prone to inherited genetic disorders. A mixed breed dog or cat is often healthier and more resistant to disease. Many have already lived with families and other animals and so are happier and better-adjusted pets, as well as housebroken and trained.

You can put an end to unethical animal breeding. By adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue organization, you can make it less profitable for unethical breeders to run "puppy mills" and other inhumane ways of treating and selling animals. Not all breeders are unethical, of course. It is now against the law in San Diego for pet stores to sell dogs, cats and rabbits, which were often obtained from inhumane breeders.

Adopting a pet is easy at a shelter. Animal rescue organizations and the Humane Society try to make the adoption process as simple as possible if you are looking for a new pet. You can browse their websites online before your visit and get an idea of what pets are available. These groups recommend that you bring all family members when you visit and even visit more than once if you are deciding between different animals. They want you to find the best match for your personality and lifestyle and take the time to get to know an animal. The Humane Society includes additional services in its adoption fee, including veterinarian exams, vaccinations, spaying and neutering and microchipping.

For more information, visit the Humane Society website (www.sdhumane.org) or call (619) 299-7012. Viewing and adoption hours are Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Once the adoption occurs and your new family member is home, that really is just the beginning of the journey, not the end. Your new addition needs care and thankfully there are La Jolla Veterinarians that offer a wide range of pet care, from routine exams and vaccinations to helping with serious health issues or injury. Veterinarians at your local pet clinic serving La Jolla can also help with tick and flea prevention, advice socializing and behavioral issues, household dangers, allergies, administering medications, dental care, and even weight loss.

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