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La Jolla Preschool Options and Tips for Choosing the Right Preschool for Your Child

Sending your children to preschool is bittersweet in the very best way, as are all milestones. As kids grow they continually shed who they were for who they are becoming. Starting school is a huge step in their becoming actualized beings who operate in society as both individuals and members of a greater whole.

Preschool is optional but there are many positive benefits of sending a young child to school before they officially start their legally mandated kindergarten class. Pediatricians globally agree that early education sets children up for success in both their educational and life endeavors. It provides an adjustment period between being at home or in an unstructured daycare environment before they have to worry about grades, demerits, or tests. The social interaction they receive, both with adults outside of their family circle and children their age, gives them hands on experience with our social structures. Concepts such as sharing, self-identity, appropriate verbal language, appropriate body language, and expressing emotion in a healthy way are all skills that are fostered in a preschool environment.

If you do decide to pursue a preschool placement for your toddler, choosing the school in La Jolla that is best for your child's needs is important; it can be overwhelming but there are ways to make the process easier. Visit a few before you commit to one. Each preschool has an individual set of teaching methods, emphases, and rules. Taking tours of a variety of preschools will help shape your idea of an ideal preschool. Some parents prefer a traditional preschool while others are looking to an alternative to the conservative idea of what school should be to a child.

Ask questions. Before you go, write down a list of questions you have for the preschool director. As you take the tour, keep your phone in hand so you can jot down some notes to go over with the teachers and staff before you leave. Don't leave without a copy of the school handbook to look over before you sign any checks for retainers or tuition. And perhaps most importantly, listen to your gut. If something seems off or the school just doesn't seem like a good match for your family, strike it off the list and visit the next one. Consider the time you spent touring that school an investment in finding the right one for your family.

Many of the preschools in La Jolla are considered to be of the highest caliber available in San Diego county.

Montessori schools. There are several Montessori schools to choose from including La Jolla Village Montessori and the Montessori Institute of San Diego. The Montessori Institute is a La Jolla private Montessori school for children as young as 18 months old through nine years of age. The school has been open for a decade and focuses on education that is tailored to correspond with a child's stages of development which integrates what they learn into real life skills.

Christian Preschools. Eastgate Christina School and La Jolla Presbyterian Preschool are two options to consider. LJ Presbyterian is a private Christian preschools for kids ages two through five. The school has been in business for over fifty years and uses a discovery based learning method while integrating Christian values.

Jewish Preschool. Congregation Beth Israel is home to a sensational Jewish Day school in La Jolla which accepts kids 18 months and up. Located at the Temple in UTC, Beth Israel has a caring compassionate staff of teachers and administrators who work daily to teach their children through music, games, outdoor activities and more.

These are just a few of the different options currently available to families looking for a preschool in La Jolla. As you decide where to send your children to preschool in La Jolla, be sure to do your research and keep your child's individual needs in mind.

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