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La Jolla Schools with Excellent Sports Programs and Top Academics

It's not uncommon to overhear someone complaining about how unnecessary school sports programs are and how they detract from the educational qualifications of schools who focus on them. While there should always be balance and certain extracurricular activities should not be favored monetarily by the school, sports programs are actually beneficial to the children and teens who participate.

Sports programs are an incentive for athletes to do well academically and focus on their studies. The vast majority of school mandated sports at both public and private school require student athletes to keep their grade point averages in the 3.0 range or higher and to adhere to the school's cheating and plagiarism polices because students who do not respect the rules will be disqualified from competing.

Children who participate in team sports learn to work as part of a team, communicate succinctly, and quickly process and react to information. It is impossible to succeed as a team if each member is moving independently and not communicating their needs to the other people they are sharing the field or court with.

Physical activity keeps children healthy. Regular exercise builds muscles, conditions the heart and lungs and helps kids maintain a healthy weight. Being part of a team that meets weekly or multiple times a week creates a routine that not only allows for physical activity but makes it a habit. In middle school and high school, it makes up for the loss of recess.

There are several schools in La Jolla with excellent sports programs. Two of the best schools in regards to their sports achievements are The Bishop's School and La Jolla High School.

The Bishop's School is one of the best La Jolla private schools and is specifically a coed college preparatory school for children in grades 6 thought 12. Their sports program is extensive and quite successful and features baseball, basketball, cross country, equestrian riding trail, filed hockey, football, lacrosse, sailing, soccer, softball, squash, surfing, swimming, tennis, track & field, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball and water polo.

The Gillispie School's new "Field of Dreams" for athletic instruction and other outdoor activities is now fully completed and being enjoyed for the first time by the fall 2013 classes. Last year Gillispie School purchased the 7,500 square-foot land where it constructed the field. With this field, Gillispie sends a message that sports and activities make for better students.

La Jolla High School is a public high school whose sports program is well-decorated and a prime example of what should be available at public schools statewide. Their athletic program included badminton, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swim, tennis, track, volleyball, water polo , and wrestling.

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