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La Jolla Schools with Award Winning Art Programs

Whenever education budgets get cut, the first programs to get disbanded always seem to be the arts. While there are some who feel the arts are a waste of a school's money and a child's time, there are many reasons why art programs are a necessary part of any school's curriculum.

Importance of the Arts to Child Education in La Jolla and San Diego:

Art breaks through the barriers we use to segregate ourselves. So often we are separated by race, religion, creed, and age. Art is one of the few subjects and forms of expression that teaches us to embrace our differences and find a way to connect with other people through them.

It strengthens problem-solving skills which are an integral part of all types of learning. Art is a form of expression which revolves around finding a way to properly create something that presents those ideas. It forces children to think creatively and make their own solutions. These tactics can be applied to all school subjects and life obstacles. Strong art programs create students who attack problems from unlikely angles.

It's one of the few subjects where children learn the worth of their individual talents, thoughts, and feelings. So often children are taught to focus on right and wrong, black and white, that the possibilities of a gray area are not explored. Art program present the idea that anything is possible. Maybe not likely or plausible, but probably possible under perfect conditions.

Many La Jolla Schools Embrace Art:

Much like the art loving community in which they reside, La Jolla schools are often praised for their willingness to embrace art as a necessary and important part of a well-rounded student's education.

The Bishop's School has an extensive performing arts program that integrates dance, music and drama, while their visual arts program focuses on ceramics, stained glass, studio arts, and photography.

Francis Parker School has an extensive performing arts program. Their music offerings include a choral group, guitar and strings classes, an acappella singing group, classical guitar classes, a classical band, a jazz band, a pep band, and an orchestra. They also have multiple theater and dance productions each semester. Their visual arts program balances on four pillars to give children an all-encompassing idea of how and why art changes people. Those four pillars are artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, and aesthetic valuing.

Art changes people and people change the world. Why wouldn't we want to give our children the power to shape the world they are posed to inherit?

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