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Five Questions to Ask When Picking a Retirement Community in La Jolla

Picking the right La Jolla Retirement Community has gotten to be like picking the country you wish to move to in your golden years. There is much more available now to help preserve the quality of your life, keep you active and keep you going than ever before.

The La Jolla Retirement Communities featured in the La Jolla Blue Book offer some of the best and most unique amenities and services in the country. So how do you decide which retirement living option is the best for you? Here are 5 questions you should be asking:

Question # 1 What's the census? Don't be afraid to ask specific questions, like what is the real census of the community? You may be looking at a 55+ community that features gyms, classes and tennis courts but if the actual census is 82+, you may not find a lot of partners to play with. La Jolla retirement communities like Vi at La Jolla, Casa De Manana and La Vida Del Mar are adept at making sure you enter into a community where you will find ages and activity levels that suit your own. Another important question to ask yourself is whether compatibility with the population is more important than the location and services offered by the community. If Ocean views are a must, it's possible you may decide to ignore the census and select one of the beachfront retirement communities in La Jolla.

Question # 2- What are the people who live there interested in? Age does not bring compatible life styles or interests and you want to make sure there is a strong enough group of people who share your interests in the community. Look toward the activities offered and ask about the attendance level. Almost all retirement communities offer "something for everyone," but you don't want to be the only one doing something. Places like Vi at La Jolla Village have programs that emphasize cultural activities and wellness. You will find opera lovers and others interested in the arts here more than you will find NASCAR fanatics.

Question #3 Is the focus aging or staying active? For many, having a self-contained community is ideal, but you may prefer a community that works harder to keep connections with a younger world to promote staying active. Look for a balance of activities that include the community hosting events as well as providing transportation to local ones.

Question # 4 Is it grandkid friendly? Some communities take 55+ very seriously and limited anything that even remotely suggests that children are welcome. It is important to remember that for many places, children consist of anyone under the age of 25. How welcoming is the community towards young visitors? And how welcoming are you?

Question # 5 What are their long term and advanced care options? Does the community have onsite care programs and facilities for you as you advance in age and encounter age related difficulties? Some communities are only for independent living and cannot provide for assisted living.

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