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La Jolla's Alzheimers and Dementia Care Continuing Care Retirement Communities Provide All Levels of Care

Part of planning for the future includes planning for a high level of compassionate care for both you and your loved one with Alzheimers. While Alzheimers is devastating, it doesn't mean that you or your loved one needs to lose any quality of life. With the right planning and the right retirement home, life can remain full, fun and enjoyable no matter what stage of the disease is present. And even at its worst, your loved one can at least be comfortable and safe with proper Alzheimers Care Retirement Communities in La Jolla California.

La Jolla Alzheimers Care Exists for All Different Levels of Care Needed. You will find several independent and assisted living communities La Jolla that offer Alzheimers and dementia care and services in our La Jolla Blue Book listings. These La Jolla facilities feature beautiful settings, comfortable accommodations and a level of assistance that changes to fit the needs of you and your loved ones. Choosing the best community depends on your specific circumstances as La Jolla's assisted living communities offer solutions for all ranges of assistance needed.

Casa de Manana - The beautiful, sea side setting of Casa de Manana in La Jolla is dedicated to enhancing quality of life through its diverse activities, unbelievable accommodations and one-of-a-kind location overlooking La Jolla's beaches and Pacific Ocean. Casa de Manana has a full staff of dedicated professionals that can provide everything assistance with daily activities, bathing, organization, cleaning, medication and emergency services as needed. With the Dakim BrainFitness System, Casa de Manana features state of the art memory care technology that its seniors use to stay sharp and maintain strong brain health. For those dealing with mild impairment or dementia, La Jolla's Casa de Manana should be considered.

Lilly's Villa Lilly's Villa can be found in the picturesque hills of La Jolla, high above the Pacific Ocean. With room for only a maximum of six residents, Lilly's Villa is able to provide extraordinary attention and care from a beautiful home turned assisted living facility in La Jolla. This exclusive, skilled facility for seniors offers in-home supervision such as 24-hour care, medication management, housekeeping and joyful companionship, and psychological health emotional well-being is a unique emphasis.

Planning for the Future - Memory Care Programs. Alzheimers is a progressive disease, but during much of it, your loved one may have diminished capabilities, but they remain the core vibrant person you have spent a life time loving. This is why many La Jolla assisted living communities have special services like Memory Care programs. In addition to the general assisted care services, Vi at La Jolla has a specialized care staff for those whose assistance is focused on cognitive and memory issues.

Vi at La Jolla's Memory Support program offers tailored solutions for residents with mild to moderate Alzheimer's and dementia. This memory support care includes assistance with a range of daily activities including dressing, grooming, and bathing, as well as unique wellness programs that are designed to encourage mind and body engagement. This new senior facility was designed to provide diverse memory care services and you should certainly contact Vi to find out how they can tailor a program that both cares for and combats Alzheimers and related memory issues.

The future has changed for many of us in a much better way. Planning ahead can increase the quality of your life, and the quality of life for your loved one with Alzheimers.

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