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La Jolla Restaurants Serving Oysters

As a first-rate coastal city, it is no surprise that residents and visitors have a wide-selection of restaurants in La Jolla that serve oysters. Fresh oysters offer a unique taste, and aside from their reputation for being an aphrodisiac, this ecologically friendly treat is low in fat, packed with omega-3 fatty acids and is a natural source of calcium and iron.

If you're an oyster fanatic, you don't have to follow the saying, "only eat oysters in months that end with r." In La Jolla, oysters are abundant and plentiful all year round. Here are a few of our favorite restaurants in La Jolla serving up fresh and delicious oysters every day.


A staple restaurant in La Jolla, Herringbone is a top choice when oyster hunting. Among their many options for fresh seafood are about a half dozen different types of oysters that can be ordered alone, by the half dozen, or for true oyster lovers, by the dozen. However, if you can, head over to Herringbone on the weekdays from 4pm to 6pm and enjoy their oyster hour. In addition to their cooked version of oysters, Herringbone offers an array of raw oysters for $1. Pair your oysters with discounts on beer, wine and cocktails and you can understand why many agree that this La Jolla restaurant does oysters right.

El Pescador

A popular seafood restaurant in La Jolla is El Pescador Fish Market. No matter what type of fish or seafood dish you're in the mood for, we can almost guarantee that El Pescador will have it. However, before you get too carried away with what to order, make sure you save room for their oysters. Large in size, you will truly get the most for your money when purchasing oysters at this La Jolla restaurant. They are consistently delicious, wonderfully briny and offer just the right amount of sweetness. Add a crunch from the fresh cucumbers and you have the perfect bite.

Azul Steakhouse

As the name suggests, Azul is a popular for its prime cuts of beef. But like any quality steakhouse, there are always an abundance of additional options, including seafood. At the Azul restaurant in La Jolla, diners can enjoy oysters on the patio off the smaller plate menu, as well as for both lunch and dinner. Oysters come on a half shell and vary in price depending on the season but are around $2 each. With various types of oysters to choose from, we recommend that you try them all for the full experience. Fresh and with a clean taste, just what diners look for in a good oyster, Azul serves theirs on a half shell with all the fixings including vinegar, horseradish, cocktail sauce and Tabasco sauce.

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