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Girard Gourmet - A Favorite La Jolla Restaurant, Deli and Bakery

The first thing that attracts many people to Girard Gourmet is the display of colorful cookies in the window. There are cookies for every holiday and season from flags at Fourth of July to Christmas trees in December and cookies to celebrate La Jolla culture, shaped and decorated like surfboards and palm trees.

But those cookies, as popular as they are and available for all occasions by special order, are only the frosted tip of the goodies for Girard Gourmet. Wander inside and you'll find a plethora of other baked goods, as well as dozens of fresh food selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more than 25 years, Girard Gourmet has been one of La Jolla's most popular restaurants and gathering spots. You can sit inside or outside on the sidewalk patio, or pick up a meal at the front counter for later in the day. Girard Gourmet has made ordering takeout meals even easier with a special pickup kiosk around back in the alley.

In addition to bakery goods, including homemade muffins, scones, pastries, pies and cakes, Girard Gourmet's counters stock several ready-made salads, including pear and beet, vegetable dishes, pastas, soups, and meat dishes. Popular meat dishes include roast chicken, chicken pot pie and lamb stew. All bread at Girard Gourmet is freshly made and you can order a wide variety of sandwiches with either the Italian or the eight-grain bread. When you order a salad, you receive a generous slice or two of the fresh bread.

Owners Diana and Francois Goedhuys (who trained as a chef in his native Belgium) run a small farm and orchards in Julian where they grow much of the organic produce they use in their bakery and deli. Their garden includes 40 fruit and nut trees and many vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, squash, pumpkin, kale, broccoli and whatever else each season brings. For example, their Summer Salad features a colorful combination of their heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, salad greens and homemade goat cheese with a tarragon vinaigrette.

In addition to many lunch, dinner and dessert items, Girard Gourmet has much to offer the breakfast crowd. There are muffins and croissants, of course, but also fresh fruit salad and individually sized cowboy quiche, which includes eggs, bacon, potato, ham, cheese, red peppers and greens.

The Goedhuys are very involved in the La Jolla community and their catering services, in addition to their bakery, have won many awards throughout the years. If you are planning a special event, from a fundraiser to a wedding, the staff at Girard Gourmet will help custom design your menu, organize your party, and, of course, create colorful cookies to match the theme of your celebration.

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