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Featured La Jolla Restaurant: The Marine Room

The Marine Room Restaurant

At The Marine Room, you can savor a meal as close to the ocean as possible, without actually being on it. With the surf breaking just inches away, and the seaspray decorating the windows, you will almost feel as if you are on a ship and caught your own fish!

The combination of outstanding cuisine and service and dramatic view has made The Marine Room in La Jolla Shores one of the best-known and favorite restaurants in San Diego, and even in the country, for more than 71 years.

The Marine Room opened as a restaurant in May of 1941. Originally the Spindrift Inn, it was first envisioned as a restaurant by owner and La Jolla pioneer Frederick Kellogg, who also owned the adjoining La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. Kellogg died, but his son William Scripps Kellogg finished the renovation and brought The Marine Room to culinary life. The opening day menu featured Fresh Lobster a la Newburg in a shell for $1.35, Rainbow Mountain Trout Saute Amandine for $1.25 and martinis for 35 cents each.

At first, the surf was separated from diners by single-paned glass window, which was often boarded up during winter storms. In 1948, the windows were replaced with tempered glass and not until 1982, during a series of El Nino storms, did the waves break through and flood the dining room. The Marine Room closed for nine months of renovation.

Since then, The Marine Room has continued to win many awards for both its cuisine and its location, earning it a place as a San Diego and La Jolla landmark. The menus feature fresh seafood, meats and produce and many other seasonal dishes. The restaurant is open for dinner and happy hour nightly, with live music in the lounge on Friday and Saturday nights and a three-course menu featuring lobster on Sunday and Monday nights.

In addition, The Marine Room is available for private parties and hosts several events throughout the year – from cooking classes to special brunches for holidays and Mother's and Father's Day. Hardly a few months go by without The Marine Room winning an award based on local and national newspaper and magazine polls. These have included Best Romantic Restaurant (many times), Best Special Occasion Restaurant, Best Restaurant with a View, and one of the Top 100 Scenic View Restaurants in the United States. Year in and year out, The Marine Room remains one of our favorite La Jolla restaurants.

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