La Jolla Mexican Restaurants

No matter how wonderful the food in other parts of the country or world, travelers from La Jolla Ca often say that what they miss most while away is Mexican food.

It's true, Mexican restaurants, and especially good Mexican restaurants, do not grow on street corners once we leave the western states. So, all the more reason to enjoy the Mexican restaurants in La Jolla, before or after your next trip.

One local Mexican restaurant in our La Jolla listings is Wahoo's Fish Taco, specializing in fish tacos and rice bowls, but a variety of other Mexican food dishes as well, including meat and vegetarian tacos and burritos, salads and appetizers. Described as Mexican food with a Brazilian/Asian twist and a Hawaiian North Shore vibe, Wahoo's La Jolla appetizers include the Baja Roll, a mixture of chopped chicken, cream cheese, spinach, and salsa. If you are planning on serving Mexican food at your next party, Wahoo's offers party packs and catering services, which you can request online.

Another La Jolla Mexican restaurant in our La Jolla Mexican food listings is Verdes El Ranchero, which has been preparing and serving authentic Mexican food in La Jolla for more than 60 years. All the Mexican food on the Verdes El Ranchero menu is homemade, including tortillas, tamales, salsa, soups, and dressings; two favorite items are the crispy chicken tacos and the vegetarian burritos. Verdes El Ranchero La Jolla CA also offers take-out services, daily lunch specials, a Happy Hour from 3 to 6 p.m. on Fridays, and a full bar after all, what is Mexican food without a margarita?

Visit the best Mexican restaurants in La Jolla by searching our La Jolla restaurant guide.

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La Jolla Restaurants - Mexican

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