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House Hunting in La Jolla with Kids

The community of La Jolla is popular for families looking for large homes, quiet and safe neighborhoods, and quality schools. With this in mind, it is no surprise that many home buyers will be house hunting with their children in tow. While you always hope that your children will be on their best behavior, it may be difficult to keep their attention focused as you go from one home to another. To assist you during your home buying process, here are some tips that will help make the house hunting process less taxing on you, and your kids.

  • Limit how many houses you see. Instead of viewing all your prospects in one day, try to schedule a couple days of house hunting instead. This will reduce the chance of having restless children. To make your house search more manageable, consider involving the entire family after you've narrowed it down to a few homes.
  • Prioritize. Visit the homes that are of the most interest to you and your spouse. This will ensure you get to see your favorite homes in the event that you have to cut the day short because of a tired or cranky little one.
  • Split up. To make your house hunting process even quicker, consider splitting the viewings with your spouse. You each can compare notes afterward.
  • Set ground rules. Let your kids know that they are guests in someone else's home and are to be on their best behavior.
  • Pack supplies. Be sure to stock up snacks, drinks, entertainment and other necessities like diapers. Give your kids plenty of options to keep them occupied like hand held video games or DVDs. Have them bring along their favorite toy or stuffed animal.
  • Give tasks. Another way to entertain your kids is to give them tasks to do while house hunting like counting the number or bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Take breaks. Your children will be only be able to handle so much house hunting at a time. Visit a nearby park or beach or take your children to lunch at their favorite restaurant.

Bringing your kids with you while house hunting in La Jolla doesn't have to be distracting or taxing. In fact, it can be fun. Interested in looking at family homes in La Jolla? Contact a La Jolla, real estate agent today and get started on your family house hunting expedition.

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