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Homes vs. Condos in La Jolla

Are you tired of paying rent on an apartment and want to own your own house or condo? If so, look no further than beautiful La Jolla, California. La Jolla has a large variety of houses and condominiums to choose from to help make your wish of home ownership come true. However, it can be hard to decide whether a house or a condo is right for you. Here are some differences between houses and condos to help you decide which one will meet your needs.

The largest difference between a house and a condo is size. Although both houses and condos vary in square footage, the average condo is smaller than the average house. Houses tend to be more appropriate for families while condos are preferred by individuals and couples. As houses tend to be larger, they will likely require more maintenance and upkeep than condos.

Another major difference between houses and condos is that houses don't have HOAs while condos do. Home owners maintain their house and landscaping maintenance themselves. Condo owners pay a monthly home owner's fee that includes the cost of lawn maintenance, building maintenance and additional amenities such as a pool and community center.

Houses are stand-alone and more spread out, providing more privacy while condos are right next to each other, typically sharing walls. Homeowners have space from their neighbors, creating a more peaceful, quiet and private environment. Condo owners on the other hand are in close proximity with their neighbors and experience more noise and less privacy.

Along the same lines, condominium complexes tend to be in the center of town. La Jolla condos are near fine La Jolla restaurants and shops. Houses in La Jolla tend to be located near schools and natural attractions, such as beaches.

Regardless of your choice, La Jolla has the condo or home for everyone. For more information, contact a real estate agent in La Jolla.

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