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Advantages of La Jolla City Living

Owning a home and living in La Jolla is not quite like any other city in America. The benefits of living in La Jolla are nearly endless.

The sense of community and dedication to local businesses found within these city is limits is much like a small town while the amenities available rival those available in more traditional big cities around the country.

Dining & Nightlife - The bars and restaurants in La Jolla rival major metropolitan areas with their variety of cuisines, styles, and ambiance to match any mood. For many La Jolla residents a night out for dinner, drinking, and dancing is just a short walk or cab ride away, no need to worry about parking.

Beaches and Nature - The well maintained parks and beaches provide a beautiful backdrop for the residential areas and business distracts alike. It's rare to have such unhindered beauty and nature meet civilization in such a gentle organic nature. The many La Jolla restaurants lining the shore of the Pacific Ocean and taking advantage of the stellar views are great examples of the harmony found within the La Jolla city limits.

Arts & Culture - La Jolla's special brand of city living also provides countless cultural activities such as theaters, art galleries, poetry readings, and festivals which occur all year long to take advantage of La Jolla's lovely yearlong moderate weather and frequent sunshine. The La Jolla Playhouse supplies world class theater productions just blocks from home. The Museum of Contemporary Art's ever changing array of modern formats will expand your definition of fine art with each visit and events like the annual La Jolla Festival of Arts links local artists with local art buyers and fosters a community of people connected to each other.

Living in the city of La Jolla has all the benefits of living in a big city such as a variety of dining options, music festival, well-maintained public parks, clean beaches with trained and certified lifeguards and a lively playhouse without the noise and clutter of living downtown.

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