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Tips for Avoiding Common Plumbing Scams in La Jolla

Looking for a quality plumber in La Jolla with experience in the community? Contact licensed local La Jolla plumbers from our plumbing contractor guide. Knowledgeable in the local community, La Jolla plumbing contractors can offer expert advice on a range of plumbing problems.

Even with the quality companies featured in our plumbing guide, you should still be aware of some tips that will help you choose the right plumber for your home and avoid some common plumbing scams before you make that first appointment. Most plumbers are very reliable and honest, especially those in our plumbing guide. However, La Jolla is a highly affluent community and so there is always at least the possibility that you could become a victim of a scam. To help you avoid being scammed and to instead find a trustworthy company to come into your home, be smart and follow these tips.

Tip #1 Get More than one estimate. It is very tempting to just go with the first plumber that answers your call. But unless you are facing an absolute emergency that cannot wait, you need to be patient and talk with multiple companies. Get an estimate from at least three plumbers that include a description of the repair and a description of the source of the problem. Compare the estimates and pick the reasonable one.

Tip #2 Check the contractor license. California has some of the strictest plumbing and contractor licensing and regulations of all the states. Use it to your advantage to check out the license and insurance status of anyone you are considering hiring. Every company can be looked up on the State Contractor State License Board website where you can search either by company name or license number to discover if a license is active or expired, whether a company carries workers compensation insurance, whether there are any past complaints or legal actions, and what type of work a company is licensed to do.

Tip #3 Ask around. Ask around for who people have used before; a local recommendation from someone you know will be more reliable than anything else.

Tip#4 Get is all in writing. Get everything about the estimate in writing. Don't just accept a written estimate of the cost, you want a detailed breakdown of the parts description and their make and model as well. One of the most common scams is to bill for a parts replacement using a manufacturer's price and then to use an inferior part in its place.

Tip #5 Ask for a warranty. Make sure the plumber provides some kind of warranty or guarantee on their work. The warranty should be reasonable as well. If someone promises you a lifetime guarantee, chances are they are not real plumbers. Real plumbers know that parts and repairs have a limited lifespan.

If there are other La Jolla home services that you need in addition to plumbing, be sure to look in the La Jolla Blue Book no matter what the need is. We have done the work for you and found the best local companies so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a good quality company is on their way to help you.

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