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Where to go for Immediate Medical Care in La Jolla San Diego: Difference Between Urgent Care Clinics and Hospitals

When you need immediate care, the first thought is to go to the hospital ER. This may not always be the best choice. With visits and wait times to the ER at all-time highs, emergency room treatments should be sought only for true emergencies. For non-emergency medical conditions, what are other La Jolla San Diego medical care settings you can visit and how do you determine which is best?

Urgent Care Clinics provide emergency care for non-life-threatening conditions. They are equally as capable of diagnosing and treating conditions as an ER, but going to an Urgent Care Clinic has many benefits. When people without emergency conditions visit urgent care clinics instead of hospital emergency rooms, this allows the hospital ER to be more efficient and capable of treating those truly in need of the special emergency care they offer.

When to go to a hospital in La Jolla San Diego:

If you are experiencing the following symptoms you should go to the hospital ER immediately: chest pain difficulty in breathing rapid heart rate loss of vision blurred vision loss of consciousness severe bleeding head trauma

These are all considered symptoms of life threatening conditions and the hospital emergency room is the only place you can be treated. La Jolla Hospitals maintain cath labs and cardiac units that aren't available at La Jolla San Diego urgent care clinics as well as supporting ICU units that cater to patients with the most severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require constant, close monitoring and support. If you go to Urgent Care with these symptoms, you will be transported to an ER.

When to go to Urgent Care Clinics in La Jolla San Diego:

For non-life-threatening symptoms, you can make an appointment or walk-in to either of the local Urgent Care Clinics listed with La Jolla Blue Book. Pacific Beach Urgent Care and Urgent Care & More in San Diego on Midway Drive (Point Loma-Loma Portal) have the same state of the art diagnostic equipment and treatment facilities for non-life threatening conditions as an ER. The care you receive there is administered by professionals trained in emergency medicine. The main difference in seeking treatment for a broken arm at an Urgent Care Clinic versus a hospital ER will be the priority placed on treating your issue. In a hospital ER, priority is given to life threatening conditions. At Urgent Care clinics near La Jolla San Diego, Ca, pain and discomfort lead the way, assuring you faster treatment.

If you already know your condition doesn't require emergency care, while you could always go to a local urgent care clinic, you may want to try to get a same day appointment with your primary care physicians in La Jolla. Your primary care physician is typically going to be most knowledgable about your overall health and thus the person best able to give an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

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