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The Importance of Regular Doctor Visits

Whether you are five or ninety-five, it is important to schedule yearly appointments with a doctor or primary care physician. If you have reservations about visiting the doctor, here are a few reasons why you should take charge of your health.

  1. Catch problems early. Regular health exams and tests can help you find problems before they start. Additionally, if a doctor does find a complication or health problem, they'll be able to provide a treatment as soon as possible, helping increase the chance of a positive outcome.
  2. Your changing physical needs. Although we like to think we still have the same spring in our step that we did years and years ago, this is not always the case. With age, your body's needs change. Visiting the doctor will ensure that you are doing what you need to do to enjoy a long, healthy and happy life.
  3. Monitor mental health. Mental health is just as important as physical health. If you see the same doctor on a regular basis, you are able to build a relationship with them and they will better be able to identify any changes in your cognitive functioning. As we mentioned previously, catching early warning signs of mental illnesses and cognitive conditions can help prevent or slow complications down the road.
  4. Peace of mind. Some people say visiting the doctor is nerve wracking because it means that the doctor could find a problem. However, self-diagnosing on the internet or through advice from friends can often be even more terrifying. By visiting the doctor, you can ask any questions about your health and get clear, professional answers that will put your imaginative mind at ease.

In addition to routine physicals, other examinations that should be conducted on a yearly basis include eye exams, blood pressure and cholesterol checks, and pap examinations for women. If you do not currently have a primary care physician or you are looking for a new physician in La Jolla, research doctors in the area and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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