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Leading Ophthalmology Physicians in La Jolla for LASIK Laser Eye La Jolla, San Diego, CA

For San Diego and La Jolla patients who would rather live without the hassles and expense of glasses and contacts, they can undergo top quality LASIK laser eye surgery in La Jolla, San Diego, CA. Although most laser eye surgery is successful, there are some potential side effects of surgery that can result in a less than desirable outcome. To determine whether laser vision corrective surgery is ideal for your situation, be sure to find a top physician and discuss your expectations and concerns with your ophthalmologist before deciding to have it done.

Laser eye surgery should be performed by a top eye doctor in La Jolla San Diego who can correct a variety of vision disorders in a minimally invasive manner that allows for a quick recovery. The surgery can restore scope of vision, color perception and focus. However, as with any surgery, it's possible that it will not totally perfect your vision and there is also a risk of dry eyes, infection as well as possible problems with coordination between the eyes. Laser vision correction surgery can also seem very expensive. But when you consider all the money you will invest in contacts, glasses and future checkups if you don't opt for the surgery, the cost surely will seem more palatable.

Once you make a decision to surgically correct your vision, the most important consideration should be which ophthalmologist to choose to perform the surgery. La Jolla and San Diego have several qualified options to choose from and so it's important to make sure you find the best physician to perform your vision correction. Some questions to ask include how many procedures the surgeon has performed, whether the surgeon has done research, whether they offer all the variations of the surgery, and whether they completely answer your questions.

Dr. Alan Westeren in La Jolla is one of the leading ophthalmology physician in the San Diego area who specializes in correcting vision disorders and treating diseases of the eye. Dr. Westeren has performed hundreds of laser vision correction procedures including LASIK, LASEK and PRK, in addition to other vision correction surgeries A Scripps Hospital associated physician in La Jolla and an attending Surgeon, Dr. Westeren can use a variety of laser vision procedures to best achieve your vision goals.

La Jolla San Diego is also home to one of the premier centers for treating eye disorders in the entire country, the Shiley Eye Center of UCSD La Jolla Hospital. It is the only academic institution of its kind that both teaches and treats eye disorders. With unparalleled care and cutting edge equipment, Shiley Eye Center Cornea and Refractive speciality offers patients the most current vision correction procedures.

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