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Top 5 Health Exams for Men & Women

The key to the best prognosis for any health problem is early detection, which makes regular health exams essential to living a long and healthy life. While different situations dictate different exams, there are 5 health exams for men and women that should be conducted on a regular basis, helping to promote overall health and wellness.

  1. Blood Glucose A blood glucose test tells your doctor the amount of sugar in your blood. When glucose levels are too high, they can signal a risk for diabetes. Glucose levels can also reveal other problems like an overactive thyroid gland, pancreatitis and certain forms of cancer.
  2. Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Exams that look at both blood pressure and cholesterol help determine your risks for developing heart related conditions including heart disease, as well as the risk for strokes and heart attacks. Because risk for these conditions increase with age, blood pressure and cholesterol tests are highly recommended for older adults.
  3. Cancer Screening Cancer screening methods vary depending on gender. For men, it's essential to have prostate and colorectal cancer screening performed. For women, breast and cervical cancer screenings are essential through regular mammograms and Pap tests. While most screenings start around age 40 or 50, those with family histories of cancer should start earlier.
  4. STIs For men and women who are sexually active, exams should include regular tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STI screenings look for common infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis and HIV. As with other screenings, the earlier a problem is detected, the better chance the problem can be treated for a positive outcome.
  5. Skin Exam Skin exams can be performed by your doctor, and is also something you can do on your own. Skin exams look for irregularities on the skin that signal the development of skin cancer. The effectiveness of skin cancer treatments relies on early detection, making these exams crucial for both men and women.

While this list highlights some of the top health exams for men and women, it is not a complete list. Work with your doctor to determine the right exams for you based on your family history and health status. If you are looking for a La Jolla physician, be sure to check out our online directory for contact and website information of local doctors.

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