La Jolla Massage Therapy

Most La Jolla residents don't have to be convinced of the benefits of massage; for the vast majority of us, one massage and we're hooked. The problem can be finding the time, but with the help of our listing of massage services in La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and UTC, you should be able to make massages a regular part of your busy life.

The local massage services in our La Jolla listings offer several varieties of massage and in a timeframe that suits your schedule, from 30 minutes up to two hours. Finding massage services in La Jolla Village is easy, just look in our La Jolla massage directory and you can quickly find all sorts of local massage services including: Swedish, or circulatory, for general relaxation and improved circulation; Thai massage; acupressure massage; deep tissue massage, which helps release chronic pain and muscle tension; and even couples massage and massage for babies.

If you want to treat your wife, husband or significant other, schedule a couples massage in La Jolla or find a mobile massage therapist who will come to your home in La Jolla. At least one of the massage services in our La Jolla listings also offers 5- to 10-minute chair massages (for head, neck and shoulders), perfect for those who spend hours at a desk or in front of a computer.

In addition to helping with relaxation and circulation, massage therapy has many other benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, relieving headaches and eye strain, and promoting a sense of well-being. So, even if you feel you don't have the time, take a few minutes for yourself anyway by finding a massage therapist in our La Jolla listings.

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La Jolla Massage Therapy

858 551-1005
7634 Girard Av • , CA
858 551-1005
7634 Girard Av • La Jolla, CA 92037
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7825 Fay Av Ste 160 • La Jolla, CA 92037