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Statistics and opinions vary on the exact rate of divorce in the United States, but estimates are between 45% to 50% for first marriages and higher for second marriages. Even if the rates are lower, few of us want to have severe enough marriage problems to become another statistic and so often turn to marriage counseling or to premarital counseling to help improve our relationships. Our La Jolla listing of marriage and family and child counselors will help you find a local therapist in La Jolla and San Diego who specializes in couples counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling. Search our La Jolla counselors for the best counselors and psychologists in La Jolla.

Many marriage problems are caused or made worse in second marriages when parents try to blend families and form relationships with step-children, and a local psychotherapist or even a child psychologist La Jolla can help you resolve feelings from past relationships and clarify roles and expectations in your new family.

In addition to marriage counseling, the La Jolla counselors in our family & marriage counseling La Jolla listings also offer marriage retreats, where couples can learn to discuss any marriage problems in a supportive environment, recognize and let go of unsuccessful patterns of behavior, and develop successful ones for loving, lasting relationships.

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