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It's good to know when you need a gizmo or a gadget - right now! - to finish your project, you can most likely find it quickly at your local hardware store in La Jolla.

We're are lucky to have two hardware stores nearby, one in downtown La Jolla and one in North Pacific Beach.

Walking into either La Jolla hardware store is like taking a trip back in time, since both hardware stores have been in business for more than 60 years. Both hardware stores in La Jolla have held on to the old-fashioned friendly service and atmosphere so often lacking in the big home improvement stores.

But old fashioned does not mean out of date when it comes to the products at the local hardware stores. Each hardware store carries the very latest hardware, supplies and tools for plumbing, electrical work, cleaning, building, and painting, including the newest non-toxic paint.

In addition, each La Jolla hardware store carries garden hardware and decorations, gifts items such as pocket knives, gourmet cookware and they extend their friendly service to help you with screen repair, glass cutting, pipe threading and key duplication.

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La Jolla Hardware & Home Improvement Stores

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858 454-6101
7756 Girard Av
La Jolla, CA 92037
858 488-6881
890 Turquoise St
Pacific Beach, CA 92109