La Jolla Dog and Cat Kennels

La Jolla is a wonderful community for pets and La Jollans certainly take advantage as there are a ton of dogs and cats living in La Jolla homes.

One of our biggest concerns as dog and cat lovers is what to do with our pets when we go away. We can't always rely on friends and neighbors or leave our pets at home, so we look for local dog kennels and cat kennels we know we can trust.

Fortunately for both you and your furry friends, you don't have to look far with our La Jolla listing to find a dog kennel or cat kennel near your La Jolla home. You can take your dog or cat to the La Jolla Pet Resort where they offer much more than just cat or dog boarding - your pet will be carefully supervised, fed, exercised, groomed, pampered, lavished with personal attention, and kept active and happy.

Since the La Jolla Pet Resort is part of the La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, your dog or cat will enjoy all the benefits of a veterinary clinic while staying at the La Jolla pet hotel, including bathing and flea treatments if necessary.

So, if the idea of putting your pet into dog kennels or cat kennels has you concerned, you can relax on your vacation knowing your pet is enjoying one too at a nearby La Jolla pet hotel.

Thanks for using our directory! Beautiful La Jolla, CA is the perfect vacation destination to relax and unwind.

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La Jolla Dog & Cat Kennels

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