La Jolla Dog & Cat Grooming

Nothing is too good for our pampered pooches and felines, as you'll see by the number of pet grooming services in our La Jolla listings of the best dog and cat groomers. The 62% of Americans who own pets will spend about $50.8 billion on them this year, including $3.6 billion on pet grooming services, according to the American Pet Products Association. And a chunk of that will be here in La Jolla, where several neighborhood pet groomers offer services to rival those of a human day spa.

You can take Fido or Fluffy to one of the pet grooming services in our La Jolla listings for a haircut, shampoo and conditioning treatment and blow-dry. In addition, La Jolla pet groomers will trim your pet's eyebrow and ear hair, clean ears, trim nails, brush teeth, and even offer special medicated baths, hot oil treatments and facials.

While many of these pet grooming services may seem like pampering, they can actually improve the health of your pet, as any one of the groomers in our La Jolla listings will point out - keeping your pet's hair clean and short will reduce shedding, help keep their eyes unobstructed and their skin healthy.

The pet grooming services in La Jolla will groom and wash dogs of all sizes and both long- and short-haired cats; generally, cats do not need as much pet grooming as dogs until they get older, and no big surprise, they do not like it as well.

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La Jolla Dog & Cat Grooming

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