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The Best and Worst Foods for Dental Health

If you're looking to improve your overall dental health, there are some food and drink changes that you can easily make today. By eating certain foods and making it a point to avoiding others, you can make your smile look and feel better while also living a healthier life. Take the following tips into consideration if you're looking to improve your smile.

  • Eat meats, cheeses and nuts. These foods contain high calcium and phosphorus levels, which can help to protect and rebuild the enamel. Teeth with strong enamel are less likely to be damaged by decay.
  • Consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Carrots, celery, and apples have high water content and can help to remove plaque from your teeth. You will also notice other health benefits with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, like brighten skin and whiter eyes.
  • Avoid or limit sugary drinks and candy. These products contain a lot of unhealthy refined sugars, which can stick to your teeth and cause decay very quickly. Consider drinking water instead of consuming energy drinks or sodas and replace white table sugar with a natural substitute like honey or Stevia.
  • Avoid corn on the cob. While this can be a yummy summertime food, biting into the corn can loosen fillings and damage sealants. Consider eating corn that is already removed from the cob or remove it yourself using a sharpened knife.
  • Limit your coffee consumption.Coffee can cause long-term tooth discoloration. It can also make it easy for food particles to stick to your teeth. Miss that hot morning beverage? Sip on black or green tea instead, both of which fight off cavities and bad bacteria.
  • If you do make a poor food or drink choice, consider brushing and flossing as soon as possible. For a little extra sparkle, add some baking soda to your tooth brush to scrub off those stains. If you have any questions about the foods or drink that you're consuming, consult with a dentist. You only get one smile, so it's important to make smart choices.

    Regardless of what you eat and drink, it's still crucial to schedule a cleaning with one of the dentists in La Jolla every 6 months. If you put off your cleaning it can result in unseen problems and costly dental repairs down the road. If you're on the hunt for a trusted dentist just turn to La Jolla Blue Book's directory of trusted health professionals.

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