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Five Easy Ways to Renovate Your La Jolla Kitchen

It's easy to zap up the look of your La Jolla kitchen without spending a lot of money. Here are five easy ways to renovate your kitchen. These projects may not increase the resale value of your La Jolla home as much as a complete renovation, but if you are planning on enjoying your home and kitchen for many years, you can still give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank.

1. Get out that paintbrush! Use fresh paint or stain to freshen up all the cabinets. Consider using a different color, such as turquoise, red or glossy black or whatever else complements your decorating plan. Consider using shiny brass paint on your hardware and switch plates if you don't want to spend extra money on expensive new hardware. You can even paint your refrigerator if it's past its glory days as many designers in La Jolla have come to recommend. All you need is sandpaper for sanding and a spray-on, high-gloss paint.

2. Buy an all-in-one kitchen sink. These days you can buy a good stainless steel or acrylic sink for less than $100. Many local home building stores such as Meanleys Hardware in La Jolla, Ace Hardware in Pacific Beach or of course the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe's, offer all-in-one sinks, which include faucets, sprayers and soap dispensers.

3. Replace countertops. If you don't want to spring for the price of new granite countertops, you can use less costly laminate materials. Today's laminates come in a wide variety of colors and designs and are easy to maintain and durable. They also come with matching edging, eliminating the older variety's dark edge. You can also mix granite and laminates, covering just part of the kitchen counters, such as an island, with granite and the rest with less expensive laminate. Another material to keep in mind is Paperstone, an ecologically friendly material made of recycled paper and resin.

4. Upgrade floors. New flooring can be one of the most expensive parts of a room to replace..But if you use self-stick vinyl tiles, you'll save a lot of money and still enjoy a whole new look.

5. Let there be light! Finally, to be able to see all your improvements, add new lighting. There are several incredible La Jolla lighting and home decor stores that sell a range of lights from the very elaborate to the fairly inexpensive. You can buy affordable lights that attach under cabinets and plug into the walls. These add soft lighting that is still very effective while you work in the kitchen. You can also bring in a regular table lamp or hanging chandelier you find at a flea market or have stored away. A colorful table lamp or unusual chandelier can light up the whole room a lot less expensively than new track lighting and bring a touch of warmth into your La Jolla kitchen.

If you want to really make a change or just want the help of a top professional, you can always hire one of the local La Jolla Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in our directory listings for help.

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