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Ralph Lauren Redifines Style and Customer Service

Polo Ralph Lauren is a well-established and successful brand with roughly 600 stores worldwide. These establishments are operated with the intention of "redefining American style", and the La Jolla location is no exception.

The vast inventory offered by this store is sure to appeal to a variety of age groups and satisfy a diversity of tastes. Its 7 main sub-brands vary drastically from one another, ensuring each one caters to the preferences of a very different clientele. For example, the Denim & Supply Co. line consists of casual attire that seems almost reminiscent of the 1960's. Appealing to a vintage & laid-back style, it offers a variety of colorful tops ranging from belly tanks to baggie Ts, as well as an assortment of dresses and (you guessed it) trendy jean pants and jackets.

In contrast, the attire offered by the Ralph Lauren Black Label caters to a more eloquent crowd. The majority of clothing items found in this collection are more on the conservative side while still giving off an impression of fierce elegance that is sure to turn heads. This line presents you with a selection of blouses, cardigans, cashmere tops and a variety of other classy items to choose from.

The RRL line is another brand with a very distinctive style. Though it contains a smaller selection of items than the other brands, what it lacks in selection it makes up for in individuality. The clothing found in this line seems as though it belongs in the early days of our country's settlement and cannot be described without bringing to mind images of the Wild West, though an elegant incorporation of modern fashion is evident.

If you're looking to maintain your high fashion standards while keeping in shape and competing, Ralph Lauren's Golf and Tennis line has you covered with a variety of athletic supplies. If you're swinging on the green or on the court, this collection promises to keep you looking sharp with a large assortment of athletic gear such as polo's, athletic jackets and visors.

Whether you're looking to dress for a day at the beach, office or country club, at Ralph Lauren you will find a vast assortment of women's lifestyle clothing in La Jolla that will enable you to express yourself through your own individual style.

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