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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet

The local carpet experts have weighed in on the question is There such a thing as waiting too long between carpet cleanings and cleaning too much? If you wait too long, the dirt and bacteria can begin to break down the carpet backing and cause your rug to fail. If you clean too zealously, the loom can begin to separate from the stress of the cleaning, so how much is just right? The answer to this is it depends on what type of use your carpet gets.

Seasonal Care

It is always a good idea to call for a professional rug cleaning service like Crown City Carpet Cleaning to come out between the major season changes. In the San Diego area, seasons are more subtle than in Northern California or the East Coast, but they impact your furnishings just as much. The increase in pollen in the air or humidity can cause mold and bacteria to grow. Cleaning them once a season can prolong the carpet's life.

High Traffic

If your carpets experience high traffic, such as in a commercial business or even the hallways of your home, you will want more frequent cleaning. Scheduling the Clean Team of La Jolla to come out once a month to steam your carpets is a great way to prevent the loom from stiffening or becoming worn from traffic use. A consultation from Zeytounian Oriental Rug Cleaners can help you decide how to rotate your more classic antique rugs so you can keep them in use, but allow for even wear to prevent bald patches.

Pay attention

These days, many manufacturers outline the care their carpets require in order to keep the warranty in place. Make sure to use the La Jolla Blue Book to find your local carpeting experts. For example, Prospect Rug Gallery is very familiar with the requirements of producers of contemporary Oriental rugs and can help you get on a schedule to keep your warranty in place.

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