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Shop La Jolla Antique Stores for One of a Kind Furniture and Home Treasures to Help Create Unique La Jolla Home Interior Designs

A home is only as unique and individualistic as the owners within it. However, no matter how hard an owner may try to make a house their home, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the perfect look by purchasing furnishings and other decor from big-label brands.

One of the most common tips that Interior Decorators give clients is to avoid buying too many pieces for a room from one big-label store. Those of us who love watching the Bravo TV interior design shows have heard these design experts warn against furnishing a room from just Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel a thousand times!!

To avoid the generic, cookie-cutter home, you can explore some of the most prominent antique and vintage stores throughout the La Jolla area. Doing so ensures that your home will be different from all the rest, giving you a place that you can truly call your own. Just some of the most prominent local antique shops in La Jolla, Ca to explore, as suggested by the La Jolla Blue Book, include:

Girard Avenue Collection Girard Avenue Collection is located in the heart of one of La Jolla's most prestigious shopping districts, working hard to serve as the eyes of thousands of local residents seeking out unique pieces for their home. This is accomplished through the relentless pursuit of all unique, highly covetable treasures uncommon to almost all other stores. The next time that you want something entirely your own, turn to Girard Avenue Collection for decorating tips, vintage finds, and more.

The Faded Awning As a store inspired by the French seaside, The Faded Awning Coastal Interiors provides La Jollans with antique, vintage, and coastal themed furnishings that are guaranteed to add a personal touch to the home. With new treasures arriving every day, it is no surprise that La Jollans flock to this location for new decor.

Symphony Home Decor Symphony Home Decor features the premium work of San Diego artisans who create the finest luxury beddings, decor, and other items for local residents. The store also collects a wide range of vintage goods, allowing residents to update their homes with items both old and new.

The next time you're wondering how to finally transform your house into a home, turn to the La Jolla Blue Book for all local options worth exploring. When you do, you will be more than pleased with your design endeavor outcome.

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